Black Pepper Essential Oil for Nicotine Addiction and More!

Black Pepper doTERRA

Doterra’s new essential oil of black pepper is helpful in overcoming nicotine addiction. It’s also good for sore muscles and I like to use it in my cooking!

It helps cleanse the blood of nicotine and reduce the cravings. It can be rubbed on the bottoms of the feet or mixed with a couple drops of olive oil and taken in a capsule. It can also be used in food, but it’s best to dilute in butter or olive oil and used after cooking. The heat breaks it down.

I put a few drops in some mayo that had been left out for several hours and I was a bit worried about it. After I put the oil in, it didn’t change the taste much and I knew if there was anything growing in there, it would be gone!

If someone is a chain smoker who is struggling to quit, I would recommend them applying this oil to the bottoms of their feet every hour or two.

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