Labor Day Sale!

big bundle

Today I spoke with my daughter, Raquel and told her I would take her on a trip to Jamaica! After all that she has been through and done for others while recovering, I feel she derserves some fun in the sun! So I’m holding this sale in honor of that goal.

Mom Essentials – Big Bundle of eBooks and Audio Classes

This bundle includes:

  • Mom Essentials Doctoring eBook
  • Mom Essentials Healthy Yummy Recipes eBook
  • Mom Essentials Healthy Yummy Recipes eBook
  • How To Stay Healthy Through The Winter
  • Mom Essentials - Audio Mp3 Class Bundle
  • Medicine Cupboard Makeover – Audio Mp3

Regular price $89.95

SALE $49!

Sale ends Friday, September 5th at midnight!


Raquel’s Cancer Fundraiser To Help Others


I am so grateful to my sweet sister for creating an incredible fundraiser in Raquel’s name.  We do have extra costs associated with Raquel’s brain tumor, but we have been blessed with wonderful employment and feel that we can manage the insurance deductible and other expenses without too much burden. So we wanted to have much of these […]

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After Brain Tumor Surgery-Part 3

Raquel going to surgery

When Raquel came out of brain tumor surgery, it was tough on my heart. To see her completely unconscious, with so many tubes coming out of her body. She had a stomach tube and breathing tube in her mouth, which would be pulled out as soon as she woke up enough. They said her throat […]

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My Daughter Has A Brain Tumor-Part 1

Tub of treatments

My daughter has a brain tumor. Discovering that information has shattered the normalcy of our lives, for how long we do not know. My daughter, Raquel, is 15 years old and she finished the ninth grade the third week of May. Just then her dad went on a trip to South America for two weeks […]

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Healthy Summer Giveaway Bash!

Summer Giveaway Bash! For Your Health. -

Are you excited for summer? We are! In fact, we’re excited to be bringing you an amazing chance to get all the tools you need to be healthy this summer. With three winners being selected and over $700 in prizes it’s sure to be fun! We have a giveaway this month geared towards anyone wanting […]

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Horehound in the Garden and Medicine Chest

Horehound in the Garden and Medicine Chest -

Guest post by Tessa of Homestead Lady There are many herbs you might choose to grow to replace the store bought items in your medicine cabinet but one of my favorites is the often overlooked, completely ordinary looking little plant called horehound. Let’s chat for a minute about horehound in the garden and medicine chest. Why grow your […]

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