Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Using Cannabis Oil

Raquel smiling

The past month has been an up-and-down roller coaster for me and Raquel with her brain tumor cancer. After two previous MRIs showing a decrease in tumor size, her last MRI on April 10 showed an increase by 15%. And after her school play ended on April 21, she started exhibiting symptoms of tumor growth, such as increased loss of balance and memory. We knew we were at a critical point because this type of tumor can double in size in only three weeks.

Raquel got her hair cut a couple weeks ago.

Raquel got her hair cut a couple weeks ago.

We talked with her radiation oncologist, who said that it would be too dangerous to do more radiation therapy on her, because it would cause more inflammation in her brain. And because the survival rates for chemotherapy on this type of cancer are so low, like 5 to 10%, and it weakens the body so much, we decided we would seek other natural, but more aggressive therapies for her. At this point, people started coming out of the woodwork to tell us about the healing and tumor reducing properties of hemp or cannabis oil, and more specifically, a compound in hemp or cannabis called CBD. This compound is non-psychoactive, which means it does not get you high. That would be the compound called THC. There is a lot of controversy over THC, because of its psychoactive effects. Though most people use it for recreation (smoking), it can be used in different forms for medicine. But the CBD compound has showed great success in halting seizures in many epileptic children, as well as halting tumor growth in many adults and kids with cancer. I know of one man under the care of one of our natural practitioner, who has been able to halt his glioblastoma tumor growth, the same type of cancer that Raquel has. This gives us hope, along with the other things we are doing for her. Here is the CBD oil I started her on, which is from the hemp plant. It is non-psychoactive and legal in all 50 states. Anyone can order it online, but it’s not very strong. Hemp CBD Oil A friend of mine told me she would help me start her on some stronger cannabis oils in Las Vegas, so I took Raquel down there at the beginning of May. We obtained a medical marijuana card for her, just so we would have the freedom to do whatever we felt necessary. We were actually interviewed by NBC Channel 3 news in Las Vegas about the difficulty of getting medical marijuana down there and having it tested. Here’s the link- News article and video about Raquel We also had access to colon hydrotherapy and a hyperbaric chamber, which infuses more oxygen in the body. It is fairly well-known that cancer does not survive well in a highly oxygenated environment. So the more oxygen to the body, the better. I also signed up for regular oxygen tanks from our home healthcare company. Raquel Watching videos Raquel was doing pretty well, but then she developed a cough with some mucus. I suspect she was fighting a low-grade infection. My husband was in South America for about 10 days on a humanitarian trip with our oldest son. He had really agonized over the decision to go because he was so worried about her. But Raquel started to get over the worst of it. I knew I would be caring for her and that there probably wouldn’t be a whole lot for him to do. So I encouraged him to go and tried to be strong whenever we communicated. They went, had a great time and we are all so happy to be back together. There are many times in life when I’ve had to make a decision about what I will put my faith in. I knew that if we had a bad crisis, and I had to take her back to the hospital, I would not be able to continue doing all the natural treatments for her that I was doing. I can honestly say I’ve never worked so hard, worried so hard or prayed so hard in my life. It has been a tough run, but the Lord has upheld me, my friends helped and stood by me and my family members encouraged me. Raquel at Home There are days that Raquel is so tired that she can’t even stand up. Her vision has gotten more limited, so that sometimes she can’t see much above or below eye level. She has to turn her head, so her peripheral vision has been affected. Sometimes I cannot determine whether her symptoms are from the medicine or the tumor. I figure that if it is the medicine, we will get through it. If it is the tumor,  we just have to keep praying that the medicine and treatments will work fast enough. It’s enough to get so scared about, that I could feel the stress take a toll on my body. There have been just a couple nights, one over this past month and one last September when she had her seizure, that I really think it might have taken years off my life. So I have since decided, that I must proactively live in faith and not in fear. I can’t control the outcome of this situation, but I can choose to love my daughter every day and work hard for her well-being. And even on the worst of days, I can still keep hoping, praying and planning that everything will be okay. Raquel Thumbs Up I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge that my family and each member of it can be together forever. I’m grateful for the holy priesthood, or authority of Jesus Christ, which has sealed our family together in the holy temple of God, which sealing will last beyond the grave. It comforts me every day to know that my Savior, Jesus Christ, has paid not only for my sins, but also for my mistakes, sorrows, imperfections and regrets. I know that all my failures can be swallowed up in his grace and will eventually be turned to my benefit. I know that God is there, and that he loves us. I feel his Holy Spirit guiding me on a regular basis. What a great gift! I know that our purpose here on earth is to learn, grow and experience joy. Even mighty challenges such as these, can help us achieve this purpose more fully and even help us in our pursuit of true happiness. For this, and Raquel’s continued presence in our lives, I am so thankful.

Raquel lost the hair on the sides of her head when she did radiation therapy. Now she has straight hair on the top and back, and it's coming in curly on the sides!

Raquel lost the hair on the sides of her head when she did radiation therapy. Now she has straight hair on the top and back, and it’s coming in curly on the sides!

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Cedar & Canyon View High Schools Pour Out Love

Cedar & Canyon View: On stage at Hodson Classic

Two competing high schools, Cedar & Canyon View, showed amazing generosity this past week in the presentation they did for my daughter, Raquel, who is fighting Glioblastoma, brain tumor cancer. The presentation was given at halftime during a basketball tournament called the Steve Hodson Cancer Classic. It got its name from a teacher who passed […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Raquel’s Progress

Brain Tumor Cancer: Raquel and Sydney going to Dance

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Raquel’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Raquel Birthday: Surrounded by friends

Well, the last few weeks have been a blur of amazing progression with Raquel’s health as she’s fighting brain tumor cancer, but her sweet 16 birthday party was so much fun that I need to write a whole post about it! I invited a whole bunch of her friends to come over the night of her […]

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Elderberry Recipe: Kid Friendly Glycerite


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Brain Cancer: Coming Home After Radiation

Brain Tumor Cancer: Raquel Home

After five weeks stay at primary children’s hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah doing radiation and other of my own natural treatments for my daughters brain cancer, we are finally home! We’ve been back for almost a week, and I still feel like I’m trying to get my head above water. But I can’t tell […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer: Getting Ready to Go Home!

Brain Tumor cancer: Raquel Thumbs Up

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Brain Tumor Cancer: Treatment Ups & Downs

Brain Tumor Cancer: Going to Radiation Therapy

You know there are bound to be ups and downs when going through treatment for brain tumor cancer. It could be a lot worse for us. Right now we have opted to only be doing radiation, along with some natural supplement therapies. Chemo is still a possibility, but I would really like to avoid it. […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer: Hair, Trach & G-Tube Update

Brain Tumor Update: Raquel Asleep With Braids on Trach Vent

Raquel continues to make little improvements, despite being very tired from radiation treatments for her brain tumor cancer. We are learning all about G-Tubes and Trachs, and I’m having fun braiding and styling her hair. She definitely makes her opinion known about what movies she wants to watch, music she wants to listen to, and […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer: The Power of Music for Healing

Brain Tumor Cancer: Emily & Chelsea Singing

Music is a powerful tool for healing. It has the ability to lift us out of sadness, depression, and discouragement. It has helped me and my daughter Raquel, who is fighting brain tumor cancer right now. I want to share some or our favorite, special music with you. We are musical family. I come from one. […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer: Extractions and Radiation Prep

Brain Tumor Cancer: Getting on elevator with Raquel

We had a couple big things happen in the last 24 hours that I believe are going to help us make progress against Raquel’s brain tumor cancer. Yesterday, the oral surgeon told us he could come extract two of Raquel’s teeth that very evening at 8:30 PM. She had two infections under adult teeth in […]

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Brain Tumor Update: Rich Blessings and Strong Prayers

Brain Tumor Blessings: Chloe and raquel in ICU

Raquel is getting better everyday, despite the brain tumor we know is still there, and the extra recovery she has had to make after her emergency surgery 10 days ago. YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHO has been praying for Raquel (besides everyone we know, and many people we don’t…I’ll tell you in just a minute). Each […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Healthy Formulas

Healthy Formulas: Raquel in Hospital Bed

This morning I met with the dietician and integrative medicine rep. We decided I needed to write down all the amounts of vitamins and minerals in the supplements and healthy organic formula that I want to give to Raquel via tube. It’s been a good exercise, but tedious. I also mentioned to the PICU doctor […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Big Decisions in ICU

Brain Tumor Cancer: Music Therapy in ICU

I had trouble sleeping again last night (due to a chicken and mashed potato dinner, mainly I think), I had some bad dreams, prayed, felt better, and then lay awake for a couple hours thinking of ways to take down the size of the cancerous tumors in Raquel’s brain. I wrote down a juice recipe […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Our Sabbath

Brain Tumor Update: Kids with Raquel in ICU2

Today was more of the peaceful day for us and for Raquel. Each hour is over shadowed by worry about the tumors in her brain which are preventing her from being her normal, happy, energetic self. We are praying to have more answers and a good action plan tomorrow when we meet with our team […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Ten Little Miracles

Brain Tumor Cancer: Ten Little Miracles

We have been waiting, watching and hoping that Raquel would recover and bounce back from surgery as she did before, but we are having to re-adjust our expectations once again. My husband suspects that the pressure that had built up from the failed shunt pushed the dense tumor matter farther down on her brain stem, […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Recovering From Surgery

Brain Tumor Cancer: Raquel recovering

Raquel is still with us. Her neurosurgeon said he is amazed she is still alive. According to the MRI, her brain tumor has become bigger and the cancer has grown over the past couple months, but she is hanging in. She’s a fighter. Today held some miracles and blessings, along with some pretty tough moments. […]

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Brain Cancer Update: Raquel’s Shunt Failure

Brain Tumor Cancer: Life Flight Helicopter

I had to lay in bed several hours this morning to recover from the scare, anxiety and exhaustion of the previous night after our daughter, who has brain tumor cancer had a seizure, and we weren’t sure if she’d make it after surgery. I woke up at 7 AM and the recorder of my mind […]

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