15 Guilt-Free Ways to Refresh Yourself on “One of Those Days”


Guest post by Kristen of Smithspirations

We all have those days. You know the ones.

When the baby cries all day and can’t nap because of teething pain and nothing will make it better.

When the older children argue and bicker all day, seemingly incapable of getting along.

When you can’t see the end of your to-do list and you running on fumes.

Yes, one of those days. They’re inevitable from time to time, and when you’re in the middle of one, it’s hard to stop and realize that a short time of refreshment can do so much to recharge the batteries! The next time one of those days rolls around, try one of these guilt-free ways to refresh yourself.

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Don’t Use a Garlic Poultice!

Don't Use a Garlic Poultice for Skin Rashes!

Guest post by Jaye Anne of Tribal Mama They say garlic can kill anything. Viruses, fungi, bacteria. There are pages and pages written on the benefits of garlic from heart health to lung improvement. Raw or cooked, it’s the basis of almost every dish worldwide. But could it kill human skin cells? After IV antibiotics […]

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Toilet Paper in the Ears: An ER Story

Here’s a funny story Mike told me a while ago. A guy came into the ER who had been vacationing in Las Vegas with his extended family. There were a bunch of kids there and they were making lots of noise. He was trying to take a nap, so he rolled up toilet paper and […]

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Essential Oils For Physical Fatigue & Exhaustion


I had quite an adventure this past week! I signed up to do a booth for essential oils at an integrative medicine conference in New York. I wanted to take as many essential oils, books, products and literature as I could to hand out at the conference, so my three bags were each 50 pounds. […]

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Healthy Gummies with Essential Oils


This is a recipe with actual medicinal value (there’s essential oils in these!), that my good friend, Amy Estes posted in our Facebook group, Best Aromatherapy For Health Care: Remember those gummy bears and gummy worms from the store that are so delicious and fun to hold or play with? I love them, but I haven’t […]

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Does Oregano Oil Fight Warts?


Here is a guest post by a friend of mine, Naomi Hambeck. This is a pretty amazing story about treating warts.  I have a friend that was telling me about how her two young boys have really bad warts on their hands.  They had tried for 3 years and with 4 doctors to get them […]

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Spring Vitamix Giveaway

win a vitamix - NaturalMedicineMom.com

Spring is right around the corner and it’s already beginning to be gorgeous outside. A new season can be a time to start fresh, re-evaluate your dreams and goals, and get on the right track… again. It’s the perfect time to renew the vision of your health journey and get set for greatness. We want […]

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