Announcing: Natural Wellness Club!

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COMING SOON: Natural Wellness Club!

Do you ever wish you could lean on someone else’s experience, to give you more confidence in using home remedies?
(Or are you looking for one of my health articles,
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Do you sometimes feel your mama bear, healing instincts firing up, but you’re not quite sure what to do?

The Natural Wellness Club is coming soon!

You’ll be able to read about all my personal experiences with using natural healing tools in my family of 7 children. You’ll be able to access bonus content and audio classes I’ve taught over the years.

You’ll be able to get instant access to all this valuable information for only $10 a YEAR!

This offer is an ideal fit for you if:Jenni-applying-oil Natural Med Mom Club

  • You have been using natural remedies, but want to learn more.
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  • You want to strengthen your confidence in the healing arts at home.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can learn from a Master Herbalist with 7 kids & lots of experience!

Stay tuned for more details about accessing all my content about health, and how to join the
Natural Wellness Club!

Get empowered with natural tools!

Our LDS Church History Trip

Pioneer Visitor Center1

The week Raquel was diagnosed with a brain tumor (June 2014) we had planned to take a two-week LDS church history trip as a family to see some famous historical sites from the history of our church. Our church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip […]

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A True Example of A Real Man

Raquel Morgan Prom close

I’ve been reflecting on what makes a “real man” and the example of one recently in our lives. When my daughter, Raquel, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, brain tumor cancer, she had not started dating boys yet. But there were a couple that she was friends with, that she would carry on conversations with via text […]

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Raquel’s Talk on the Holy Ghost

Lily and Raquel at Baptism - Version 2

The same month Raquel was diagnosed with a terminal illness, her little sister Lily, turned 8 years old, and shortly thereafter, Lily was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Lily wanted Raquel to speak at her special event. There are two ordinances that happen when a child takes this step. They are […]

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Spiritual Healing with Raquel’s Music

Raquel Wilson in studio

Raquel comes from a performing family, and so do I. My mother sang professionally on television, on the Lawrence Welk Show, and we sang regularly as a family growing up. My mother even produced an album in 1991 with her favorite inspirational music. I taught Raquel and her brother, Nathan, to sing at a young […]

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Trip to Jamaica with Raquel

Brain Cancer Update: Gazebo in Jamaica

My daughter, Raquel, who has been terminally ill (read her story in the club), got one of her wishes last month, which was to go with me to Jamaica and bring a friend. The company I work with helped make this wish come to pass, as I have been earning more income with them and was able […]

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Cedar & Canyon View High Schools Pour Out Love

Cedar & Canyon View: On stage at Hodson Classic

Two competing high schools, Cedar & Canyon View, showed amazing generosity this past week in the presentation they did for my daughter, Raquel, who is terminally ill. The presentation was given at halftime during a basketball tournament called the Steve Hodson Classic. It got its name from a teacher who passed away, and now they […]

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Raquel’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Raquel Birthday: Surrounded by friends

Well, the last few weeks have been a blur of amazing progression with Raquel’s health as she’s fighting a terminal illness, but her sweet 16 birthday party was so much fun that I need to write a whole post about it! I invited a whole bunch of her friends to come over the night of her […]

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Raquel Update: Coming Home After Radiation

After radiation: Raquel Home

After radiation for my daughter’s illness and 5 weeks at primary children’s hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are home! We’ve been back for almost a week, and I still feel like I’m trying to get my head above water. But I can’t tell you how good it feels to be with all my […]

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Raquel Update: Getting Ready to Go Home!

Going Home: Raquel Thumbs Up

We are so happy to have finished up radiation treatments for our daughter’s illness. This last week has been crazy trying to get all the supplies so she’s ready to go home, including a ventilator. But we are so excited that she is doing better every day, and is well enough that we are ready to […]

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How To Show Love to Someone Sick

Brain Tumor CancBrain Tumor Cancer: Friends Singing to Raquel 2014

I am utterly amazed at the love shown by Raquel’s friends, our family and many people we don’t even know, who have reached out to give love and support as she is fighting a terminal illness. I have learned so much about ways to show love to someone sick, just by watching what people have done […]

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The Power of Music for Healing

Brain Tumor Cancer: Emily & Chelsea Singing

Music is a powerful tool for healing. It has the ability to lift us out of sadness and discouragement. The power of music for healing has helped me and my daughter Raquel, who is fighting a terminal illness. I want to share some or our favorite, special music with you. We are musical family. I come […]

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Raquel Update: Rich Blessings and Strong Prayers

Blessings: Chloe and raquel in ICU

Raquel is getting better everyday, despite the illness we know is still there, and the extra recovery she has had to make after her emergency surgery 10 days ago. YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHO has been praying for Raquel (besides everyone we know, and many people we don’t…I’ll tell you in just a minute). Each day she […]

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