Raquel’s Cancer Fundraiser To Help Others


I am so grateful to my sweet sister for creating an incredible fundraiser in Raquel’s name.  We do have extra costs associated with Raquel’s brain tumor, but we have been blessed with wonderful employment and feel that we can manage the insurance deductible and other expenses without too much burden. So we wanted to have much of these funds go to families who are on the brink of bankruptcy because of medical bills. So $5000 will go to the Millie’s Princess Foundation, which helps families on the verge of bankruptcy, who can’t get other financial aid. My heart is brimming over at the generosity that has already been shown!

KSL.com did a story on Raquel, and her fundraiser.  To read the article, click HERE. The donations have reached over $7000! We were able to purchase a new bedroom set for Raquel, and pay for some of her natural therapy. To make a donation to Raquel’s fundraiser, click HERE.

Raquel Cancer Fundraiser bed Raquel's Cancer Fundraiser Dresser







Since Raquel got out of the hospital, the Cedar City Children’s Musical Theater has also done and continues a fundraiser, (Raquel played Annette in their production of Beauty and the Beast),

Raquel in Beauty and Beast Cancer Fundraiser

along with Raquel’s school, Cedar High School (Washing for Raquel).

Washing for Raquel CHS Cancer Fundraiser

We are amazed and grateful for all the generous hearts out there, and that we have the opportunity to do some good in the world!


Burn Fundraiser

We’ve also created a fundraiser in the name of Max Goddard, son of Natalie and Andy Goddard, who was in the hospital right next to us, and experienced burns on 40% of his body on July 3rd. This fundraiser will benefit severely burned children around the world, who can’t afford life-saving surgeries. Go Max! Get better soon! Please SHARE!

To make a donation to Max’s fundraiser, click HERE. See his blog HERE.

Thanks to everyone who has shown their love and compassion through these fundraisers and other service!

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