Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Healthy Formulas

Healthy Formulas: Raquel in Hospital Bed

This morning I met with the dietician and integrative medicine rep. We decided I needed to write down all the amounts of vitamins and minerals in the supplements and healthy organic formula that I want to give to Raquel via tube. It’s been a good exercise, but tedious. I also mentioned to the PICU doctor that I had requested a visit from a doggie volunteer, and that before returning to the hospital, Raquel had begged us for a dog. She wanted a puppy cocker/retriever mix. The doctor told us she was going to write a prescription for a puppy for Raquel :)

We also met with the hospital dentist, and he agreed after seeing Raquel’s xrays, that 2 of her bottom molars need to be extracted. There’s a chance they can do it at the same time they do the trach and stomach tube, but that might be a lot at once. I would just like to put her under sedation the least number of times as possible. We are waiting to hear back when everything will be scheduled. I’m praying that this part will all go smoothly.

We talked with a radiation doc. He said we can get started soon. He wants to have her come to get a mask made for keeping still during the treatment. If things go really well Thursday, then she can go first thing Friday morning, but if she’s still recovering, we’ll put it off until Monday.

Physical and occupational therapy came by and we were able to transfer Raquel to a special chair to sit her up a little more and have her legs down, for about an hour. I think it was really good for her. She was awake for a while, so we asked if she wanted to watch a movie. Yes. So I went hunting for movies with lots of music, because I think she likes that best. She decided with Mike on Frozen, but fell asleep about halfway through.

I caught a funny picture right when the nurses and Mike were about to move her back on the bed. They all got distracted by the movie :)

Brain Tumor Cancer: Distracted by FrozenPer my request, we had a visit from a volunteer and her doggie.

Raquel and Doggie visitAnd the music therapist stopped by to drop off a guitar for us to borrow. Mike immediately got it out and started playing for Raquel. So sweet!

Brain Tumor Cancer: Mike playing Guitar for RaquelI got word from my son Nathan, that the student body government at Cedar High, wants to put together a video of Raquel’s friends talking about her. What a wonderful gift! I’m really pleased and excited about that. Can’t wait for them to put it together.

The evening time seems to be when Raquel likes to move around. She did quite a bit tonight, and waved to my sisters when they came. I like to rub her down with oils (Frankincense, Helichrysum, Myrrh, Lemon, DDR Prime) and scratch her back and scalp. I know she loves this, so I’m making it a nightly ritual. And now we all need some sleep, so thanks for your prayers and good night…

Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Big Decisions in ICU

Brain Tumor Cancer: Music Therapy in ICU

I had trouble sleeping again last night (due to a chicken and mashed potato dinner, mainly I think), I had some bad dreams, prayed, felt better, and then lay awake for a couple hours thinking of ways to take down the size of the cancerous tumors in Raquel’s brain. I wrote down a juice recipe […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Our Sabbath

Brain Tumor Update: Kids with Raquel in ICU2

Today was more of the peaceful day for us and for Raquel. Each hour is over shadowed by worry about the tumors in her brain which are preventing her from being her normal, happy, energetic self. We are praying to have more answers and a good action plan tomorrow when we meet with our team […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Ten Little Miracles

Brain Tumor Cancer: Ten Little Miracles

We have been waiting, watching and hoping that Raquel would recover and bounce back from surgery as she did before, but we are having to re-adjust our expectations once again. My husband suspects that the pressure that had built up from the failed shunt pushed the dense tumor matter farther down on her brain stem, […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Recovering From Surgery

Brain Tumor Cancer: Raquel recovering

Raquel is still with us. Her neurosurgeon said he is amazed she is still alive. According to the MRI, her brain tumor has become bigger and the cancer has grown over the past couple months, but she is hanging in. She’s a fighter. Today held some miracles and blessings, along with some pretty tough moments. […]

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Brain Cancer Update: Raquel’s Shunt Failure

Brain Tumor Cancer: Life Flight Helicopter

I had to lay in bed several hours this morning to recover from the scare, anxiety and exhaustion of the previous night after our daughter, who has brain tumor cancer had a seizure, and we weren’t sure if she’d make it after surgery. I woke up at 7 AM and the recorder of my mind […]

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Raquel’s Cancer Fundraiser To Help Others


I am so grateful to my sweet sister for creating an incredible fundraiser in Raquel’s name.  We do have extra costs associated with Raquel’s brain tumor, but we have been blessed with wonderful employment and feel that we can manage the insurance deductible and other expenses without too much burden. So we wanted to have much of these […]

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After Brain Tumor Surgery-Part 3

Raquel going to surgery

When Raquel came out of brain tumor surgery, it was tough on my heart. To see her completely unconscious, with so many tubes coming out of her body. She had a stomach tube and breathing tube in her mouth, which would be pulled out as soon as she woke up enough. They said her throat […]

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My Daughter Has A Brain Tumor-Part 1

Tub of treatments

My daughter has a brain tumor. Discovering that information has shattered the normalcy of our lives, for how long we do not know. My daughter, Raquel, is 15 years old and she finished the ninth grade the third week of May. Just then her dad went on a trip to South America for two weeks […]

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