Brain Cancer: Coming Home After Radiation

Brain Tumor Cancer: Raquel Home

After five weeks stay at primary children’s hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah doing radiation and other of my own natural treatments for my daughters brain cancer, we are finally home! We’ve been back for almost a week, and I still feel like I’m trying to get my head above water. But I can’t tell you how good it feels to be with all my children again, in our nice, comfortable home, sleeping in my own bed.

At the hospital, the nurses always charted everything that was done for Raquel. I’ve created a schedule of our own, to keep track of all her cares, feeds and supplements making sure we don’t miss anything. It has been a full-time job and I must say the first few days were very stressful. But things are looking up, and I have some paid helpers that are coming  to lighten the load. 

I knew many of Raquel’s friends wanted to visit her when she got home, so I set up a schedule for them to come over at different times over this coming week, to sit, read, hold her hand and just be with her.

Brain Tumor Cancer: Raquel and Halsey

It was nice that school was out for fall break, and she was able to visit with many of her friends. It brightens her spirits so much when they walk through the door.

Brain Tumor Cancer: Raquel With Friends

So far it’s going really well and her friends have helped decorate the temporary room we have her in, which is right next to our bedroom.

Brain Tumor Cancer: Raquel Wall Decor
My parents had a bunch of balloons ready for her when we got home. So even though she can’t be in her cute room that we remade after her first surgery, I think she’s pretty happy and comfortable where she is at least for the next month or two.

Brain Tumor Cancer: Raquel Joel Thumbs Up
Our first night home we all squeezed into her little room and said a family prayer. We all kneeled down knelt down around her bed and it was the loveliest, warmest feeling to be all together in prayer. God spirit was definitely with us and continues to be in our home. I know there are angels here.

Two of our earthly angels are my parents, who have been here watching our kids while we have been at the hospital with Raquel. Before the prayer my mother started singing with my children some of the fun songs and lullabies that she’s been singing to them over this time. It was so wonderful and happy that I had to record some of it to share with you.

A couple days ago, Mike’s cousin, Dave and his wife Val, called us as they were traveling home from Salt Lake to Phoenix, and wanted to stop by. He is a fire fighter, and teaches kids classes on safety dressed as a clown. He also does magic tricks, and did a personal show for us. Raquel and the rest of our kids LOVED it. He’s hilarious!

I am so touched by the continued outpouring of prayers, fasting, meals, and love. There are so many wonderful people in this world and it makes me determined to try to always to be one of them. Thank you to all of you everyone who has helped in one way or another, to help and support our family and precious daughter. xoxo

Brain Tumor Cancer: Getting Ready to Go Home!

Brain Tumor cancer: Raquel Thumbs Up

We are so happy to have finished up radiation treatments for our daughter’s brain tumor cancer. This last week has been crazy trying to get all the supplies we will need to bring her home, including a ventilator. But we are so excited that she is doing better every day, and is well enough that […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer: Treatment Ups & Downs

Brain Tumor Cancer: Going to Radiation Therapy

You know there are bound to be ups and downs when going through treatment for brain tumor cancer. It could be a lot worse for us. Right now we have opted to only be doing radiation, along with some natural supplement therapies. Chemo is still a possibility, but I would really like to avoid it. […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer: Hair, Trach & G-Tube Update

Brain Tumor Update: Raquel Asleep With Braids on Trach Vent

Raquel continues to make little improvements, despite being very tired from radiation treatments for her brain tumor cancer. We are learning all about G-Tubes and Trachs, and I’m having fun braiding and styling her hair. She definitely makes her opinion known about what movies she wants to watch, music she wants to listen to, and […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer: The Power of Music for Healing

Brain Tumor Cancer: Emily & Chelsea Singing

Music is a powerful tool for healing. It has the ability to lift us out of sadness, depression, and discouragement. It has helped me and my daughter Raquel, who is fighting brain tumor cancer right now. I want to share some or our favorite, special music with you. We are musical family. I come from one. […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer: Extractions and Radiation Prep

Brain Tumor Cancer: Getting on elevator with Raquel

We had a couple big things happen in the last 24 hours that I believe are going to help us make progress against Raquel’s brain tumor cancer. Yesterday, the oral surgeon told us he could come extract two of Raquel’s teeth that very evening at 8:30 PM. She had two infections under adult teeth in […]

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Brain Tumor Update: Rich Blessings and Strong Prayers

Brain Tumor Blessings: Chloe and raquel in ICU

Raquel is getting better everyday, despite the brain tumor we know is still there, and the extra recovery she has had to make after her emergency surgery 10 days ago. YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHO has been praying for Raquel (besides everyone we know, and many people we don’t…I’ll tell you in just a minute). Each […]

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Trach and G-Tube Surgery Update

Doterra Essential Oil Conference 2014

Raquel is recovering nicely from her surgeries Thursday morning. I’ve been learning a little about how the Trach and G-tube to her stomach work. She has been healing well, and they have been working well. They slowly started her on liquid food until they got to the full amount and she is doing wonderfully! And […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Healthy Formulas

Healthy Formulas: Raquel in Hospital Bed

This morning I met with the dietician and integrative medicine rep. We decided I needed to write down all the amounts of vitamins and minerals in the supplements and healthy organic formula that I want to give to Raquel via tube. It’s been a good exercise, but tedious. I also mentioned to the PICU doctor […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Big Decisions in ICU

Brain Tumor Cancer: Music Therapy in ICU

I had trouble sleeping again last night (due to a chicken and mashed potato dinner, mainly I think), I had some bad dreams, prayed, felt better, and then lay awake for a couple hours thinking of ways to take down the size of the cancerous tumors in Raquel’s brain. I wrote down a juice recipe […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Our Sabbath

Brain Tumor Update: Kids with Raquel in ICU2

Today was more of the peaceful day for us and for Raquel. Each hour is over shadowed by worry about the tumors in her brain which are preventing her from being her normal, happy, energetic self. We are praying to have more answers and a good action plan tomorrow when we meet with our team […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Ten Little Miracles

Brain Tumor Cancer: Ten Little Miracles

We have been waiting, watching and hoping that Raquel would recover and bounce back from surgery as she did before, but we are having to re-adjust our expectations once again. My husband suspects that the pressure that had built up from the failed shunt pushed the dense tumor matter farther down on her brain stem, […]

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Brain Tumor Cancer Update: Recovering From Surgery

Brain Tumor Cancer: Raquel recovering

Raquel is still with us. Her neurosurgeon said he is amazed she is still alive. According to the MRI, her brain tumor has become bigger and the cancer has grown over the past couple months, but she is hanging in. She’s a fighter. Today held some miracles and blessings, along with some pretty tough moments. […]

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Brain Cancer Update: Raquel’s Shunt Failure

Brain Tumor Cancer: Life Flight Helicopter

I had to lay in bed several hours this morning to recover from the scare, anxiety and exhaustion of the previous night after our daughter, who has brain tumor cancer had a seizure, and we weren’t sure if she’d make it after surgery. I woke up at 7 AM and the recorder of my mind […]

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